Leadership workshop

Tool Based Work Shop for Leadership, transactional analysis, self-assessment tool and Skill Developmental tool

Generational analysis

Training supervisors and management on generation mind-set on hiring, culture and generational difference.

Business Writing Skills

Business writing skills - basic, intermediate and professionals. Effective communication through Email, memo’s, circulars etc.

Career planning & Development

Drawing the career planning model for individuals, career modelling, career mapping your goals and plans

Skill Enhancement Trainings

Etiquettes for hotel Staff, Time management, effects of procrastination, organizing skills & communication skills

Potential supervisor workshop

Workshop and practice material for potential supervisors, training guide to take up the next role

Emotional intelligence

Class room Training on Emotional intelligence for leaders, employees. How to use and practice EI for an edge over others.

Coaching & mentoring

Coaching employees for success, role of a guide and mentor, supervisors techniques to effective mentoring and coaching

Stress Management

Managing stress at work, planning and organizing skills to management of stress, biographies of people.

Change Management

How to manage change and Embracing change, being a catalyst of change, how to culturally drive team through change.